We provide the finest hunting and wing shooting in South Africa - with thirty two huntable species. We pride ourselves in our service, which includes Plainsgame, Big game, Bow hunting and wing shooting, all under our exquisite African skies.
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Thandeka Safaris finest hunting, Plainsgame, Big game, Bow hunting, and wing shooting in South Africa.

Price list Lions (male)

The visual nature (size, mane, coloration etc.) of a lion depends on his individual evolution. "Hunters often estimate male age on the basis of mane size or coloration, but these phenotypes are only loosely correlated with age and vary greatly across the geographic range of the lion. The most reliable index in the Serengeti/Ngorongoro lions is the extent of dark pigmentation in the tip of the nose, which becomes increasingly freckled with age." (Karyl Whitman etc., Department of Ecology, Evolution and Behavior, University of Minnesota: Sustainable trophy hunting of African lions)

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providing you with the finest hunting, Plainsgame, Big game, Bow hunting, and Wing Shooting in South Africa