We provide the finest hunting and wing shooting in South Africa - with thirty two huntable species. We pride ourselves in our service, which includes Plainsgame, Big game, Bow hunting and wing shooting, all under our exquisite African skies.
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Thandeka Safaris finest hunting, Plainsgame, Big game, Bow hunting, and wing shooting in South Africa.
Thandeka Safaris is a privately owned game ranch comprising of 4000ha of prime unspoilt savannah. We hunt throughout the year, however, the best time in South Africa is from March to the end of September. The climate is mild during this period.


Choice of firearms is largely up to the clients preferences. Hunting plains game in South Africa shooting distances vary from 80 to 300 yards, medium caliber rifles with premium grade ammunition is advised, a good quality scope and zeroed in at 200 yards. 80 rounds should be enough for an average 10 day safari.


All bedrooms at Thandeka Safaris are en suite. Queen Size or Twin Single beds are
available to ensure a comfortable stay.

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providing you with the finest hunting, Plainsgame, Big game, Bow hunting, and Wing Shooting in South Africa